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by °°web-IT_publicity offer the latest in technological innovation.

We work closely with our clients to ensure and channel their road to success, skimming through the jungle of endless possibilities. Our present day pool of capabilities continues to expand with today's increasing propensity; implementing multimedia and gamification tool-boosts-demands without the risk of "overloading." Trust in web-IT_publicity - and we track your project to innovative heights!

Whether to entertain, to inform or for business ventures:

we at °°web-IT_publicity are happy to collaborate every step of the way using the options most suitable for your web project's transformation into digital success! Our motto "Less is more" combined with a digital strategy, user experience and a personalized visual design will help you deliver the best experience to your users without the overburdening of endless spectacular effects. We plan fine strategies using individual apps and designs, launch online campaigns, create sites and blogs that load quickly and easily. We find optimal solutions for the promotion of products and services and ensure Global Communications for both mobile and home devices.
• Webdesign / unique items or reprocessed templates
• Relaunches and entirely maintenance service
• IT help and bug repair online
• Java and C++ Python programming
• Publicity outlines and online campaigns
• Improvement of data quality and ROI
• Basic operations: 60,00 EUR/h
• Basic responsive Website up to 10 sites: 950,00 EUR
• Programming: up from 75,00 EUR per hour/depends on complexity
• Onlinecampaign: basic charge 650,00 EUR/package pricing
• Optimizing data and ROI: for QPP up from 60,00 EUR per hour
Steady customers run under keen conditions

is an easygoing network comprised of highly skilled professionals specializing in the realm of IT, Arts and Advertising ready to tackle all your needs. We at °°web-IT_publicity would love to bring your ideas to life! Describe to us your project and we find an effective scheme creating "the perfect fit" for you: all within your budget.


Please keep that in mind that we are working hard to providing better quality day for day for our clients benefit.

Want an innovative website? Need an upgrade or a relaunch? Email right now and let us know how we can assist you.

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